Louis Wah or Mr. Wah wrote in his personal website: “all or Nothing“. He applied it in his life, in his art and in his food. He started his career as a fashion designer in Hongkong, turns his passion into food in London and then fell in love with Bali and started his journey as a painter. You can say that creativity is his blood, and he can’t contain it.

His first restaurant that got recognition in Bali is Wah Wah Gourmet Burger, as it is known for selling the most expensive burger in Bali. What you paid is what you get, because Mr. Wah only uses the best ingredients. 


As a legitimate sibling of WahWah Burger, Wahrung is a breath of fresh air for those craving that tender, juicy pork belly! If you need an enjoyable place for high-quality burgers, plus hearty global comfort food from the east and west, go to Seminyak Village and find Wahrung. 

Located on the second floor of the mall, Wahrung is a great place for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Good location, good ambiance, good food with deliciously low prices, what’s not to love from Wahrung?

Not only do they have delicious burgers in several creative renditions, they also offer vietnamese, hearty sandwiches, chocolate desserts and French pastries, along with cups of coffee and tea.

Everything is made from scratch by Mr. Wah (owner and passionate cook), and the burgers are dressed with beautiful Aussie Sirloin steak, the kind that is aged and have never been frozen before, making them some of tastiest reconstructed burgers. 

Mr. Wah’s global comfort food promises satisfaction for your taste buds, and most importantly to win your heart over, without burning a hole on your wallet.

Now, the most expensive burger in Bali came to Level 21 in Denpasar. This is an odd pairing, yet seems natural. This is because over the years, the spending power of the local people in Denpasar increases rapidly.

They know good quality and they want more. However, as Pak Wah pointed out, there aren’t that many great restaurants in Denpasar that does not use MSG, uses the best ingredients and produces amazing quality food. However, Wah Republic acted as a sister restaurant that sells great food with a more affordable prices.

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